Marketing & Strategies

Marketing strategy is a must when you want to succeed in business. For planning a successful marketing strategy, you need to know exactly who do you want to sell to, where to find your clients and how to expose your brand. Marketing Ag Shop is your partner! We take the first and every step together, developing your brand, finding customers and users, to profitably market products and services. Through real-time data analysis, we obtain detailed information about your target audience. Who is interested in your products and services? Where are they? What are their buying habits? do they have further interests? Based on all this information, and always keeping in mind your business core identity, interests and goals, we develop the optimal marketing strategy for you.

Starting with your website content as well as your social media presence the essence of any marketing strategy. We evaluate which social media channels suit your interests best and create great content that invites people to engage and build a community around your brand. Our creative minds prepare outstanding content –Text, Video, and Image– In other words, don’t look for them, we make sure they find you! 

Don’t limit your brand! offer your services wherever they are needed. Beyond borders and language barriers. Our multilingual marketing makes it possible! Clients will find you in more than one language. Have the exposure you deserve, and make it happen with targeted ads. Need an immediate traffic boost? or long-term organic traffic? We get you to your goals. A marketing strategy is as individual as the brand it is made for. Therefore, our marketing strategies are tailor-made for the brands we work with, to ensure it suits your company and goals best and grants you ongoing success online as well as offline.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Creating high-quality content is important, but you also must get it to the right people “Target audience”.  More than that, you need to reach them at the right time and exactly know their needs. Improve your marketing strategies with this know-how and to improve your results! As a brand, there are countless ways to interact with your customers nowadays, and you need to find which is the best way for you to engage with your audience. While static data is only collected on a specific point (once a day, once a week, etc.), real-time data is constantly collected from different sources and thus gives a look at the bigger picture, giving detailed insight on your customer’s behavior. Based on that data, our experts guide you in segmenting your audience and communicate with them on eye level. This is a huge opportunity for you as a brand to have a better understanding of your customers and their needs. Who they are. When, where and what they buy. Real-time analytics also shows clearly which marketing measurements led to results such as higher conversions and sales growth. Integrating this knowledge into your marketing strategy allows you to adjust and improve your strategy and personalize your campaigns to reach your desired customers exactly where they are. Contact us if you want to get the best out of your resources and marketing efforts and see actual results

S.E.O - Search Engine Optimization

Let people find you when they are searching for your product or service on Google! Our marketing experts will improve your ranking, increase your exposure and the traffic to your website to, as a result, increase your profit. By optimizing your online content, you convert your website into one of the key points of your success. Instead of spending your money on ads that bring you immediate results, your customers will find you by themselves, without you having to pay for them. While both, PPC and SEO are important factors in a marketing strategy, SEO is the one that grants your success in the long-term. We create content that cuts through the noise and grants you a high ranking on Google – in several languages. Our goal is to optimize your web appearance, focusing on your brand and interests. Always in accordance with the current search engine guidelines. For us, it’s a priority to always work in a transparent way and to have clear communication with our clients. The best of it all?  We do our work in different languages!

Online Ads

We get your brand the exposure where you want to be seen and where your audience is. Pay-per-click marketing is the most expensive way, but it gets you the fastest results. We recommend PPC if you need to quickly get exposure and improve your revenue within a set budget. Its high effectiveness and excellent cost-benefit ration make it an ideal instrument for online businesses as well as smaller businesses since you are only charged per click. It buys you an immediate high ranking on Google, and thus improves your visibility and expose your product to your desired audience. PPC is the ideal solution for businesses who want to: Rapidly increase traffic and revenue to their website or business. Boost their sales. Looking to create campaigns that generate traffic for a specific situation or period of time, like a new product or service. Want to retarget clients that are interested in your product or service but haven’t bought yet. Look for returning clients? Our pay-per-click marketing experts will boost your exposure on search engines and with Google AdWords, but also work with Facebook Ads, Amazon Product Ads, and other platforms, always having the customer-journey of your audience in mind. Contact us to get your brand the exposure it deserves and to boost your sales overnight!

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a part of everyday life and is thus indispensable in any marketing strategy. Let’s make those social media users talk about your brand, your product, and your service! At Marketing Ag Shop, we develop your social media marketing strategy that best suits your brand.  We are your experienced partner for creating a community around your brand and boost your brand awareness. From setting up the social media channel to managing it, engage with your audience and improve your revenue, we are your trusted partner! Our social media marketing experts make your brand known by optimizing your reach and engagement throughout the different social media platforms. With great content, optimized design and social media campaigns, we increase the awareness within a short time. Contact us today for individual consulting and to set up the ideal social media strategy that puts your brand in the center of your audience’s attention.

Multilingual Marketing​

Let the world know how great your product, brand or service is! Don’t limit yourself!! Sell your product in more than just one language or country and increase your potential customers. Especially in an international destination like Playa del Carmen, it is essential that your website is at least in Spanish and English. Instead of using Google Translator or similar services,  let our experts do the translation for you and present your product in the best way possible. In the globalized world, we live in today, with the internet going beyond borders, having a multilingual marketing strategy is key.  Let’s talk facts. Studies showed, that people prefer to buy in their own language and that they are 6 times less likely to spend their money on a website that doesn’t speak their language. At Marketing Ag Shop, we know that multilingual content will improve your website and marketing campaigns. And we go beyond, by adapting your content to the respective culture and local preferences and developing your core message. Our professional multilingual marketing service ensures that the original message is transmitted the way you wish. We understand that in matters of multilingual content, not only accuracy and reliability are significant factors but it’s often also a matter of time, especially for marketing campaigns. We accommodate to your needs, remaining faithful to our high-quality standards. Contact us today to sell your product or service to a bigger, international audience!

Image Video Infographics

Take your brand beyond words and let images speak for you. Now a day audience watches videos and photos, rather than reading texts. And let’s be honest, can you express so much more through an image? Think of emotions for example. We publish great content that captures your audience’s interest within seconds. An infographic or a video says more than a thousand words. Instead of writing a whole paragraph, use a short, on the point infographic and engage your customers with authentic and emotional content. Complex information can be simplified and expressed within a few images. Tell stories that move. Tell stories that sell. Tell stories that convert your audience into customers. Having a professionally made video that considers SEO standards is an important tool for any marketing strategy. Our experts know how to put your brand or product in the limelight, starting with the idea, the video design, planning, production, and animation. Contact us today if you want your brand to be represented in a most original way and attract more customers!

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