What is Marketing AG Shop

all about!

At Marketing Ag Shop, we come to work every day to provide the best service and knowledge. Our experts eliminate your guesswork by bridging the gap between your ideas and your goals, getting the best out of your business.

Rely on us to identify your target audience, reach them in the most cost-effective way, and develop the best strategies to convert them into loyal customers.

Let us do the ground-work and find the most relevant real estate projects for you to invest in. 
We know the Riviera Maya like the back of our hands and know where people really spend their time and money.

Our mission at Marketing Ag Shop is to bridge the gap between potential and results by providing leading research, analysis, data, and insight.

Our know-how, your success! Enjoy your peace of mind and let us deal with all the necessary steps to manage your real estate project and marketing strategy. For us, it’s a priority to always stay professional and transparent while providing you with the best value for your money.

Our awesome team of professionals is happy to assist you and will answer all of your questions related to real estate, project management, and marketing. We are available for you 24/7 and in your language.

We provide comprehensive and transparent solutions for investors, developers, and agents, ensuring personalized service. Work with us as a partner who supports you through every step of purchasing, planning, constructing, and market your property. We work with the best professionals.

Grow your business by exposing customers to content that cuts through the noise and with marketing strategies that drive sales and traffic to your website.

Meet Our Team!


Lic. Angel Ramirez

My job is to create, unite and to achieve every single task to obtain the best result for your company. Making sure that our customers are in clear communication and that our team has all the tools to complete goals.

Project Manager

Lic. Grecia Rodriguez

Simplify everyone's tasks, and to unite the ideas of everybody to have a clear and comprehensive work schedule! Making sure that the flow of our company is in synergy with our customers to bring the best results no matter what!

Design Manager

Lic. Leoni Ganzoni

To ensure that the infographics are original, that match the content text and to the overall branding of your company, that's what I develop during my work tasks. I attract with each design that your audience will be captivated and hook to read about the project and really give that appeal for them to stay for more!

Community Manager

Lic. Alejandra Urquide

My role provides the opportunity to communicate most intricate messages of your company, in a simple format for everyone. It is my pleasure to ensure that your message come across, impacting your community and your business through social media and digital marketing. Lets take your business to the next level!